About Us

What We Do?

Tekinroads is a specialty consulting firm that focuses on technology and startup clients who wish to enter the Indian and SouthEast Asian markets. We provide specialist assistance to both our clients top and bottom lines - by supporting both Sales and Marketing support for revenue generation in region or in leveraging the region's extensive talent advantages in software and business process support services.

The founders have focused on this niche for over 15 years - we have helped several start ups/early growth stage companies in India and other parts of Asia since the year 2000.

We first assist our clients to identify what services or revenue can be mined from the region. This is done with a pilot to establish the value proposition - either with dedicated resources for the client who are hired by Tekinroads or by identifying a suitable partner firm.

Once the pilot has been proven and has reached a sustainable scale, Tekinroads continues running the operations for as long as required by its clients - and in instances where the client would like to formalize their presence in the region with their own subsidiary or development center, Tekinroads helps its client to identify the best city and location for their operations, as well as help in incorporation, legal, people, process and management until the subsidiary is well established as an independent entity.

Tekinroads has offered consulting and incubating services to several US and UK technology product companies that are looking to enter the Indian Market.

  • Case 1 - Tekinroads is currently responsible for devising and executing the go-to-market strategy in Asia for a leading US-based cloud-based software company utilizing the power of Software Defined Networking techniques to bring immediate value to the enterprise IT organization.
  • Case 2 - Tekinroads has been actively involved in establishing and organizing back-end operations in India for a leading couponing and e-commerce company in the United States.

The Tekinroads team has worked and advised on projects of different sizes. The team is a senior team who has both extensive global experience as well as deep knowledge and experience of the Indian and SouthEast Asian markets, with access to senior people across industry verticals and government.

Tekinroads has a seasoned management that understands the challenges of setting up operations in India and ensures that client companies do not spin their wheels to do so

Tekinroads already has several tie ups in place for Finance and Accounting, Legal, Real Estate, HR, Operations, Network Infrastructure, Hardware, and Software Vendors

Why Tekinroads?

Most start ups find it extremely challenging to leverage India's natural advantages in software and business process talent - finding and managing resources for various roles presents a challenge. They sometimes turn to American or European employees of Indian origin who often have very little experience of working in India, and lack the local network in order to be effective.

Even if such talent can be found, the cost of relocating this talent from the US or Europe is extremely high.

When start ups work with large and established offshore outsourcing companies, they have had challenges working with off shore with communication and delays in deliverables since the larger providers are focused on winning and retaining large G-2000 clients

Tekinroads ensures that the day to day communication is taken care of, and a seasoned Project Manager is available to communicate with each one of our clients

Tekinroads only accepts work that can be successfully done in India. We have, in many instances, advised clients not to shift the work off shore

Tekinroads has several references and has worked with several start ups and early/mid-stage growth firms.