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Measure All Your Marketing in One Place

Case Study 1

Technical support/Remote Infrastructure Management company: Acquired a local technical support company with a 150 employees, raised money through venture capital, grew the company to over 600 employees, and then sold it to a BSE listed company. This process required setting up the legal entity, identifying real estate, infrastructure, personnel, finance and admin functions.

Case Study 2

IT/ITES service company: grew the company from 2000 to 20000 employees over a period of 5 years. This required negotiating and identifying space in multiple cities across India, setting up the executive team, infrastructure, telecom, personnel, processes, and all other functions required for a large multi city enterprise.

Case Study 3

A UK Based software company with revenues of over $50Million had outsourced their offshore requirements whilst we provided supervisory support to help in delivery of projects that had been outsourced to the vendor in Hyderabad. However, the vendor failed to deliver and then the client requested to set up their own subsidiary in India. We helped set up the legal entity, ensured all company related work was done for them and then hired their first 40 employees, and provided them with financial, legal, HR and Admin support. The company has close to 200 employees today. Our engagement was for a period of 3+ years.

Case Study 4

US based NASDAQ listed company with current market cap of $1Billion looked to set up a sales entity in India. This required that we identify the Sales Head and initial team who were on our payroll for 2 years. Post this the legal entity was created in India, employees transferred to the legal entity, and support for legal, financial, HR and audit functions continue to be supported by us.

Case Study 5

IT and process support for a US based Start up in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Technology: This requires we create intelligent (IQ) bots to capture the appropriate fields in processed documents using RPA software tools. We also validate bulk transactions on a day to day basis while meeting all service level agreements.

Case Study 6

One of the largest and oldest US multichannel retailers – we manage specific projects as well as maintenance, user interface and full stack development for the company’s web presence. This requires identifying hiring and coordination of highly skilled manpower in India to work on US based requirements on a constant basis.