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Most start ups find it extremely challenging to leverage India’s natural advantages in software and business process talent – finding and managing resources for various roles presents a challenge. They sometimes turn to American or European employees of Indian origin who often have very little experience of working in India, and lack the local network in order to be effective.

Even if such talent can be found, the cost of relocating this talent from the US or Europe is extremely high.

When start ups work with large and established offshore outsourcing companies, they have had challenges working with off shore with communication and delays in deliverables since the larger providers are focused on winning and retaining large G-2000 clients.

Tekinroads ensures that the day to day communication is taken care of, and a seasoned Project Manager is available to communicate with each one of our clients.

Tekinroads only accepts work that can be successfully done in India. We have, in many instances, advised clients not to shift the work off shore.

Tekinroads has several references and has worked with several start ups and early/mid-stage growth firms.