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What We Do?

Tekinroads is a specialty consulting firm that focuses on technology and startup clients who wish to enter the Indian and SouthEast Asian markets. We provide specialist assistance to both our clients top and bottom lines - by supporting both Sales and Marketing support for revenue generation in region or in leveraging the region's extensive talent advantages in software and business process support services.

The founders have focused on this niche for over 15 years - we have helped several start ups/early growth stage companies in India and other parts of Asia since the year 2000.

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Why Tekinroads?

Most start ups find it extremely challenging to leverage India's natural advantages in software and business process talent - finding and managing resources for various roles presents a challenge. They sometimes turn to American or European employees of Indian origin who often have very little experience of working in India, and lack the local network in order to be effective.

Even if such talent can be found, the cost of relocating this talent from the US or Europe is extremely high.

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Our Services

Sales and Support

Currently, we have expertise in managing SaaS Based products for companies based in the USA and UK. Our team can manage technical sales, business development initiatives, events, as well as operations for small to medium technology companies looking to enter Asian markets.

Management Consulting

With access to a large business network Pan-Asia, our expertise and experience run deep across Telecom, Retail, Banking Healthcare, IT/ITeS and Social Enterprise. We continue to offer insights and alternatives that help our clients maintain a competitive edge.

Program Management

Comprehensive program management services are provided in both technical and non-technical domains. Our program managers collaborate closely with client teams as well as key stakeholders in order to deliver results within stipulated time frames and as per required specifications.

Deal Processing

This service is provided for e-commerce companies wherein we manage and maintain the daily deals and coupons on the client's website.


There is a dedicated team of writers and editors available for copywriting and content-writing assignments. Our team has expertise in developing content which is SEO specific. We specialize in highly personalized content which is in line with client requirements.

Other services

HR, Payroll, Accounting, Legal, Taxation and compliance, and Incorporation are provided as per client requirements. We provide highly personalized solutions for companies looking to enter Asia and guide them in establishing their presence in the region.


Case Study 1

Technical support/Remote Infrastructure Management company: Acquired a local technical support company with a 150 employees, raised money through venture capital, grew the company to over 600 employees, and then sold it to a BSE listed company. This process required setting up the legal entity, identifying real estate, infrastructure, personnel, finance and admin functions

Case Study 2

IT/ITES service company: grew the company from 2000 to 20000 employees over a period of 5 years. This required negotiating and identifying space in multiple cities across India, setting up the executive team, infrastructure, telecom, personnel, processes, and all other functions required for a large multi city enterprise.

Current Projects

Project 1

Tekinroads is currently responsible for devising and executing the go-to-market strategy for a leading US-based cloud-based software company utilizing the power of Software Defined Networking techniques to bring immediate value to the enterprise IT organization. From its SD ECDN solution that powers over millions of enterprise desktops through their business video platform, to edge-related tools for IT, such as the Background Readiness Test, Network Visualization and Network Analytics, the company drives a powerful ROI and brings the flexibility of SDN reality. Tekinroads organizes business development initiatives, sales and support for Asian customers as well as client prospecting for this company pan - Asia.

Project 2

Tekinroads has been actively involved in establishing and organizing back-end operations for a leading couponing and e-commerce company in the United States. We organize the daily processes for the company and process over half a million deals and coupons on their behalf monthly. The operation is well established in India across multiple locations. Copy-writing services are also undertaken for this client. This involves setting up teams with editors and copywriters along with comprehensive project management support. The copywriting arm is responsible for providing quality product-related and/or merchant-related descriptions with experience in writing about goods and services across all major sectors.

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