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Digital transformation and offshoring agency.

Tekinroads is an experienced incubation firm that takes care of all of your needs in India. Build your team, compliantly follow labor laws, provide your team local benefits, and easily transfer over when you need to.


What Tekinroads does

We handle your entire India operation

We understand the challenges of building an offshore team and take care of every aspect for you.


We scout talent for you and once you decide they're a good fit, we run background checks and screen your potential hires. For all hires, we ensure you follow stringent Indian labor laws so you stay compliant. Confidently hire in India with us.

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We offer unmatched local benefits. Tekinroads has two offices at the heart of city. We make sure your hires are always paid on time, offer health insurance, and have an incentivization structure to motivate your hires to perform. Your hires will enjoy working with us.

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Unlike most firms, we're happy to transfer your hires when you grow. You can either directly hire, set up an entity in India, or transfer however you please. We help with every step of the way and facilitate your transfer for a smooth and swift transition.

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Why Tekinroads

Trust our years of experience

We have extensive experience operating in US/Europe and in India. Our team knows what your needs are and we know how to effectively operate locally.

Get the right talent

We offer offshore resource hiring services in India for both IT and non-IT projects, enabling clients to expand their business as required. Our services cater to small businesses as well as established companies seeking to enter the Indian market, as we provide resource hiring based on project requirements.

Complete Transparency

We offer a fully transparent cost structure for hiring and paying your resources. In addition, we provide ongoing cost estimates for running operations in India, resulting in a more cost-effective solution compared to other service providers.

Legal and Tax Compliance

We cater to a range of client requirements, including HR, Payroll, Accounting, Legal, Taxation, Compliance, and Incorporation. Our solutions are highly customized to meet the specific needs of companies seeking to expand into Asia. Additionally, we provide expert guidance and access to our strong local network to help our companies establish their presence in the region.

Unmatched local benefits

We firmly believe in taking excellent care of our on-field resources and providing them with maximum benefits. This enables them to focus solely on their work without any distractions or deviations.

Local Operators

At Tekinroads, we make sure that day-to-day communication is handled efficiently. We have a team of seasoned Project Managers who are available to communicate with each of our clients and provide them with the necessary support.

Experienced & Connected Team

The experienced senior team at Tekinroads has provided guidance for projects of varying sizes across the globe. With our extensive expertise in the Indian and South-East Asian markets, we have access to senior industry and government leaders, allowing us to provide comprehensive and effective solutions to our clients.

Case Studies

We've worked with some of the largest companies on massive projects.

Your Trusted Incubation Partner.

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