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Operate in India as though you were here.

Tekinroads is an experienced incubation firm that takes care of all of your needs in India. Build your team, compliantly follow labor laws, provide your team local benefits, and easily transfer over when you need to.


What Tekinroads does

We handle your entire India operation

We understand the challenges of building an offshore team and take care of every aspect for you.


We scout talent for you and once you decide they're a good fit, we run background checks and screen your potential hires. For all hires, we ensure you follow stringent Indian labor laws so you stay compliant. Confidently hire in India with us.

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We offer unmatched local benefits. Tekinroads has two offices at the heart of city. We make sure your hires are always paid on time, offer health insurance, and have an incentivization structure to motivate your hires to perform. Your hires will enjoy working with usnpmy.

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Unlike most firms, we're happy to transfer your hires when you grow. You can either directly hire, set up an entity in India, or transfer however you please. We help with every step of the way and facilitate your transfer for a smooth and swift transition.

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Why Tekinroads

Trust our years of experience

We have extensive experience operating in US/Europe and in India. Our team knows what your needs are and we know how to effectively operate locally.

Get the right talent

We provide offshore resource hiring in India for IT and non-IT projects, allowing clients to scale their business as needed. We work with small businesses and established companies looking to enter the Indian market, hiring resources based on project requirements.

Complete Transparency

We provide an option of complete transparency on the costs we hire and pay your resources, we do provide the ongoing cost of expenses for running the operations in India, this way you get a better cost when compared to other service providers.

Legal and Tax Compliance

HR, Payroll, Accounting, Legal, Taxation and compliance, and Incorporation are provided as per client requirements. We provide highly personalized solutions for companies looking to enter Asia and guide them in establishing their presence in the region.

Unmatched local benefits

We always believe that on the field resources need to be taken care very well and benefits them to the maximum level so that they can focus on work with out any deviations.

Local Operators

Tekinroads ensures that the day-to-day communication is taken care of, and a seasoned Project Manager is available to communicate with each one of our clients.

Experienced & Connected Team

Tekinroads' experienced senior team has advised projects of various sizes globally, with expertise in the Indian and South-East Asian markets and access to senior industry and government leaders.

Case Studies

We've worked with some of the largest companies on massive projects.


Tekinroads established and organized back-end operations in India for a US-based couponing and e-commerce company, providing services such as coupon curation, content development, SEO, and software testing. The team size grew from 4 to 120 in 12 months and successfully managed the transfer to the client's in-country capabilities.

Robotic Process Automation

Tekinroads provides offshore support for a US IT services startup specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA), creating IQ bots to capture processed document fields and manually validating bulk transactions. This is done daily while meeting strict service level agreements.

Large Scale Recruiting

Tekinroads hired 400+ resources from India for a leading bank in Doha, Qatar within 3 months, handling recruitment, onboarding, training, and administrative tasks. The company successfully transferred services from a large IT services company back to the client, including all intellectual property and process maps, with the help of its Managing Partner's strong network in the IT services industry.

Go To Market in Asia

Tekinroads is currently responsible for devising and executing the go-to-market strategy in Asia for a leading US-based cloud-based software company utilizing the power of Software Defined Networking techniques to bring immediate value to the enterprise IT organization.

Full Stack Engineering

Tekinroads manages specific projects as well as maintenance, user interface and full stack development for one of the largest and oldest US multichannel retailers, with a primary presence in the catalog retail space. Tekinroads helps manage the company’s web presence and identifies the hiring and coordination of highly skilled manpower in India to work on US based requirements on a constant basis.

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