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Tekinroads is an experienced incubation firm that takes care of all of your needs in India.

Our case Studies

We've worked with large international companies and we are proud of our work. Managers who have worked with us have received internal awards for swiftly setting up massive offshore teams.


Tekinroads has actively worked on establishing and organizing back-end operations in India for a leading couponing and e-commerce company in the United States. The key process was to curate and add coupons from various sources to the client’s CMS systems and web content writing. We also built other back-office functions for this Silicon Valley/San Francisco-based online coupon company. The functions included software testing, SEO, coupon curation, content development, and documentation. The team size grew from 4 to 120 in 12 months, and we continued to provide support until the client established its own capabilities in the country. At that time, we successfully managed the transfer over.

Robotic Process Automation

Tekinroads provides world-class offshore support for a cutting-edge US-based IT services startup specializing in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) technology. Our team of highly skilled professionals uses state-of-the-art RPA software tools to create intelligent (IQ) bots that capture the appropriate fields in processed documents with utmost accuracy and efficiency. In addition, we manually validate bulk transactions that are not captured by the RPA bots, ensuring that our client's operations run smoothly and seamlessly. We pride ourselves on meeting stringent service level agreements and exceeding our client's expectations every step of the way.

Large Scale Recruiting

Tekinroads played a crucial role in fulfilling a major hiring requirement for one of the leading banks in Doha, Qatar. Within an impressive period of just 3 months, we recruited and onboarded over 400 highly skilled resources from India. Our team handled every aspect of the recruitment process, including selection, training, and visa and travel arrangements, ensuring a smooth transition for each new employee. This project was especially challenging as it involved transferring services from one of the world's largest IT services companies back to the client, which required the transfer of intellectual property and key process maps. Thanks to our Managing Partner's extensive network among IT Services firms, we were able to successfully manage the transfer and provide exceptional service to our client. Our efforts were recognized when the Managing Director of the bank received an award for our work. This project demonstrated Tekinroads' ability to manage complex and sensitive projects while delivering exceptional results.

Go To Market in Asia

Tekinroads is currently tasked with developing and implementing the go-to-market strategy in Asia for a leading cloud-based software company based in the US. The company leverages the power of Software Defined Networking techniques to provide instant value to enterprise IT organizations.

Full Stack Engineering

ekinroads is responsible for managing specific projects, as well as maintenance, user interface, and full-stack development for one of the largest and oldest US multichannel retailers, primarily present in the catalog retail space. Tekinroads assists in managing the company's web presence, and it identifies, hires, and coordinates highly skilled manpower in India to work on US-based requirements on an ongoing basis.

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